Opportunity Zone Investment Consultants

OZRA is a consulting firm established by experienced real estate, legal and finance professionals to advise municipalities, communities, neighborhoods, economic development commissions, developers and investors on how the Opportunity Zone Program can be used to finance real estate projects and operating businesses.

OZRA is uniquely positioned to bring value to clients in developing O-Zone programs and projects because its principals have first-hand experience with the program.  Gary Hobbs was involved in the program since its inception during the legislative process.  Building on his experience with the New Markets Tax Credit program, Paul Jones has been one of the first attorneys in Indiana to work with clients on how to structure O-Zone investments and funds.  Gary’s real estate, finance and development experience and Paul’s tax and legal expertise allow OZRA to deliver high-quality consulting services to clients who are seeking to leverage the benefits of the O-Zone program in their city, town, community, neighborhood, or project.  

How OZRA Can Help

With a strong record of closing real estate financing transactions in areas that are now identified as Opportunity Zones, our clients can count on us to creatively develop programs and structures that bring O-Zone equity to deals where is it is needed most.


Working with you to develop requests for proposals (RFPs) related to Opportunity Zone equity and to structure investments into qualified projects.  Specifically, OZRA assists communities and municipalities in leveraging the O-Zone program to accomplish their priorities.  OZRA listens to the client’s goals and priorities and will design an RFP or program targeted to meet those objectives.


OZRA is a resource for those who seek to understand the Opportunity Zone program.  OZRA routinely provides education about the O-Zone program by presenting webinars, meeting with individual developers and investors about specific projects, meeting with small groups of investors and professionals and providing input to groups about the program.

Opportunity Fund Formation

For the investor, we can assist you with the qualified opportunity fund formation process. Then, let us help you find and invest in O-Zone projects.

Legal Documentation

OZRA is a consulting company and does not provide legal services to clients directly; however, OZRA brings to its clients, as needed, the legal expertise needed to close the financial and real estate aspects of O-Zone deals.  OZRA also provides clients with accounting firms who know the ins and outs of the O-Zone program.

Financial Modeling

OZRA has developed a host of several different financial models to test your investment or project against market terms and conditions.  We build models to vet your deals and meet requirements by lenders and investments.

Two Companies, One Mission:

To serve as a one-stop shop for clients who are involved in O-Zone projects.

nullBWI, LLC is a construction, real estate development, property management, and consulting that focuses on not only construction management of general, large development projects, but also niche, energy-efficient urban revitalization projects.

nullPaul Jones has served as lead counsel on more than $200 million in New Markets Tax Credit transactions and has represented clients in several tax credit, incentive, and bond transactions. His firm includes a focus on real estate tax appeals, exemptions and incentives, However, Paul Jones routinely handles transactional work for his clients and frequently counsels clients regarding community and economic development and tax incentives.

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