Principal and Senior Consultant

Since inception, Gary Hobbs, the CEO of BWI, LLC, has been instrumental in developing the strategy behind Opportunity Zones. This initiative is part of the Tax Cut and Job Act of 2018. As chair of the Real Estate Economic Inclusion subcommittee (led by Senator Tim Scott), Gary is one of the country’s leading authorities on this matter.  As a result, BWI is uniquely positioned to provide valuable investment services to investors, and plays a critical part in connecting them to promising community projects. 

Gary Hobbs is a business-technology executive with extensive experience in manufacturing, real estate, and healthcare industries.  He started his career at s an electrical design engineer and has successfully migrated through the corporate ranks of companies like AT&T, Eli Lilly, and Roche Diagnostics. As an engineer, project manager, business executive, developer, and entrepreneur he has led organizations up to four hundred people and budgets spanning $1M to $100M.

Gary specifically is specifically involved in developing apartment complexes and strip centers in the greater Indianapolis area.  He oversees all financial matters as it pertains to acquiring capital through a variety of methods (mezzanine capital, tax credit financing, venture capital, and debt financing).   His leadership and business experience coupled with his financial background has been invaluable in helping BWI establish a firm foundation for the future.

In addition to his role with BWI, Gary is one of the Managing Partners and Consultants of HTECH Consulting, LLC.  H-TECH’s primary focus is strategic consulting and transformational training in the areas of business process improvement and project management.  

Gary has also given countless hours and support back to the community. Due to his passion in assisting disadvantaged, teenaged youth, he has been actively involved with Lawrence Township Schools, local non-for-profit boards, and Purdue University.  He has given many motivational speeches to students at the high school and university level. He sits on several for-profit and non-for- profit boards throughout the community.   He has been honored several times as an outstanding speaker and leader within the public and professional community.

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